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Company Overview

Company Overview

Company name
A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.
2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō Yuusen Building 3F
October 1974
Capital stock
100 million yen
Description of business
Asset Management
Real estate Specified joint Enterprise
Intermediation of marketable securities, handling of private placement
Intermediation involving the sale of real estate trust beneficiary rights
Executives, etc.
Representative Director Yasuo Nishioka
Representative Director Katsumi Shimada
Director Munehiro Mouri
Auditor Shingo Nishimura
Licenses, etc.
Real estate specified joint Enterprise - Commissioner of Financial Services Agency, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport No. 83
Real Estate Agent - Tokyo Governor (2) No. 93024
Financial Instruments Business (investment advice,
agency, type 2 financial instruments business)-Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 2785
Affiliated organizations
All Japan Real Estate Association
Japan Investment Advisers Association
Type 2 Financial Instruments Firms


October 1974 Established
Acquires Real Estate Agent License
Acquires Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise (Type 1 and Type 2) License
Changes trade name to TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Starts private placement fund and Asset Management business
Yasuo Nishioka is appointed as Representative Director
Financial Instruments Business (investment advice, agency) registration
Entrusted asset balance reaches 10 billion yen
Type 2 financial instruments business registration
Entrusted asset balance reaches 40 billion yen
Entrusted asset balance exceeds 50 billion yen
Acquires Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise (Type 3 and Type 4) license
Changes trade name to A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Executives Introduction

Group Representative Representative Yasuo Nishioka
  • In 1992, Graduated Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Joined The Daiwa Bank, Ltd. (currently Resona Bank, Ltd.) in the same year. Working at domestic branches, in foreign exchange fund bill division, he engaged in trading of currency options, cash trusts utilizing derivatives, the development of investment trust commodities, etc.
  • In 1995, Joined Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. and was successively appointed as director and planning office chief and executive vice president.
    Accomplished restructuring of financial affairs and personnel at this company, then was in charge of general business management such as serving as a contact point for negotiations with financial institutions, the promotion of rationalization by driving sales by cultivating new clients, etc. and integrating subsidiaries.
  • From 2001, worked at Sumitomo Trust Bank, Ltd. (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd.). In the Tokyo No. 3 sales division, corporate banking division, and real estate financial solutions division among others he was engaged in corporate financing for real estate and construction companies, creation and arrangement of non-recourse loans for domestic and overseas real estate investment funds, and other duties.
    His major achievements included the arrangement of a syndicate loan of a total of 46 billion yen loan for a major Japanese real estate company (February 2006) and the arrangement of a real estate non-recourse loan of 130 billion yen for a consortium SPC headed by 7 companies including major domestic real estate companies involved in the redevelopment project in Kansai area (June 2007).
  • In 2007, joined SI Asset Services Corporation. At this company he supervised various consulting and asset management duties in the fields of real estate and finance, etc.
    He engaged in securitization arrangement, structured finance, and asset management involving real estate consulting and real estate investment projects for companies.
  • From 2009 (to present), appointed as Representative Director of Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Products Co., Ltd.).
  • In 2012, appointed as Representative Director of TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.).
Representative Director Katsumi Shimada
  • In 1988, Graduated Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Joined Recruit Cosmos CO., LTD. (currently Cosmos Initia CO., LTD.) in the same year.
  • In 1990, participated in the founding of Princess Square Co., Ltd., a real estate company specializing in the apartment house business. Supervised the sales department as director in charge of sales and contributed to building the foundation of the company.
    He was also engaged in the real estate business personally, intermediating more than 300 segmented apartment houses and 10 commercial buildings.
  • In 2014, appointed as director of TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd.
    (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.).
    In addition to principal investments, he succeeded in more than 20 development project utilizing development type SPCs.
    He has achieved many successes in investments in assets with strong social significance including the development of licensed nurseries in addition to being in charge of the development of the "La Perla" series in the apartment house business, which succeeded in both design and practicality.
Director Munehiro Mouri
  • In 1981, joined Tokai Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (currently Tokai Co., Ltd.).
  • In 1989, joined Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd. Subsequently worked on the financial product development, marketing planning and administration of investment trusts, etc. at Rothschild Investment Trust Investment Advisory Co., Ltd., Credit Suisse Investment Trust Co., Ltd., and AMP Henderson Global Investors. At Henderson Global Investors he was in charge of creating the first global REIT fund in Japan.
  • In 2008, established Brown Field Advisors Co., Ltd.. Appointed as director.
    Achieved commercialization of contaminated soil sites restoration project (contaminated soil site restoration fluidization project) utilizing a fund scheme.
  • In 2012, joined TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.). Appointed as director.
    Promoted project creation arrangement utilizing equity of overseas investors.
    Major achievements include the Kumamoto prefecture Mega-Solar, exceeding 12 billion yen in total project cost, as well as the arrangement of Mega-Solar development projects in Hokkaido and Fukushima prefectures totaling more than 24 billion yen.


We at A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd. provide advice and consulting services regarding investment in real estate, renewable energy generation, etc. and provide Asset Management support for clients as part of the "A.P. Capital Group" based on the management philosophy of "promoting business based on trust" in cooperation with "A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.", which is also a part of the group.

Especially at our company, through our high quality Asset Management, we provide our customers with maximized investment returns with our understanding of the characteristics of investment assets and market trends, searching for all possible routes to increase value while striving to improve investment value by reviewing leasing strategies, as well as renewing and rebuilding the assets.
Furthermore, in deciding on exit strategies, in order to maximize investment returns we ascertain trends in the real estate market and financial environment to propose the best sales and refinancing based on suitable forecasts.

At our company, as a part of our Asset Management business expansion we acquired licenses as a Type 3 Operator and Type 4 Operator in accordance with the Revised Act on Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise which was enacted in December of 2013.
For regional projects and small-scale properties which were difficult to handle via the TMK scheme and GK-TK scheme using beneficiary rights, we believe this will make it possible to respond to them flexibly and speedily while also leading to the design and development of investment products filled with originality.

Furthermore, our company sees SPE management business involving fluidization and securitization as a core value, and we also collaborate with "Tokyo SPC Management Group" which provides one-stop support for taxation and financial strategies.
Utilizing this taxation and accounting know-how, our company's staff possessing diverse fields of specialization centered around finance and real estate are active every day to provide optimum solutions to our customers.

Our company hopes to continue our pursuit of the best services for our clients while contributing to society.

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Yasuo Nishioka

operational experience


55.1 billion yen

Proportion by application (unit: millions of yen)

Residential 10,179
Office 25,452
Commercial 1,710
Mega-solar power plants 61,658
Healthcare 2,348
Hotel 1,278

Proportion by region

Hokkaido 11,020
Tohoku region 4,755
Tokyo metropolitan area 10,410
Tokyo outskirts 3,757
Chubu region 37,444
Kansai region 2,988
Chugoku region 17,442
Kyushu region 14,809
Entrusted assets (as of November 2019)

operational case study

Specified Real Estate Cooperative

Property acquisition・operation・sale

In general real estate securitization schemes, “trust beneficiary right" rather than "real estate" is a target asset. Therefore, it is necessary to select a real estate fulfilling the trust bank's consignment requirement after assuming at least one month as a required period of time and burdening the DD cost such as trust setting cost, and real estate appraisal cost etc. On the other hand, in the Specified Real Estate Cooperative Business, we are able to swiftly proceed with acquisition, operation and sale of real estate in the same sense of speed as real estate transactions.

Segmentation of rental rooms and room sales business

While rental condominiums owned by profitable investors and funds as revenue real estate meet the end of the investment period, some property with selling specifications or any other equivalent specification or those that can withstand re-distribution to individuals by implementing renovation certainly exist. We are precisely aiming to purchase these at profitable real estate prices, make registrations for them separately and resell them for individuals to enjoy the gap between the capital gain and the end market price. This business is not only a case for one condominium project; it is also possible to sell even one apartment unit of a condominium in an extreme case. Attempting to carry out this project with the traditional fluidized method (TMK, GK-TK + trust beneficiary right), there are many bottlenecks in dealing with asset fluidized plans and trust beneficiary rights, and the work becomes extremely troublesome as a typical tendency. In the case of Specified Real Estate Cooperative Business, this scheme is suitable because of these troubles being eliminated.

Property development

For relatively small single-tenant commercial facilities such as convenience stores and drugstores, long-term lease contracts can be executed by excellent business people so that general investors also like individual investors and asset management companies have potential holding needs from the viewpoint of long-term stable operation. However, some suppliers for investment opportunities to meet the end of the lease period and to purchase newly-built properties for rental are limited currently due to few suppliers. In addition, development risk is also limited because it is a relatively short term and under the assumption of secured yields above a certain level pursuant to the lease contract agreement in advance. This development in a Specified Real Estate Cooperative Business results in the development profit in spite of its relatively low risk.

Condominium reconstruction project

While, as of December 2007, the total number of stocks in our country had reached approximately 5.28 million units, the stocks exceeding 30-year old accounted for about 630,000 units; moreover, the stock supplied before the establishment of the new earthquake resistance standards (1981) had reached approximately 1.06 million units. Therefore, the rebuilding of aging condominiums has significantly become a huge social issue. Under the present situation of only 129 condominiums (rebuilding apartments not included) having been rebuilt, the involvement of specified real estate cooperative business operators with advanced knowledge on construction, real estate, and taxes is essential to solve the associated problems: that many existing condominiums are unqualified in accordance with the Building Standard Law, undefined examinations cost, undefined rebuilding expenses and undefined individual consideration for elderly residents and low-income people In case of rich experience in actual performance of this business, we are surely aiming to work on the development projects for the withdrawn site of large stores, site of relocation / withdrawal of factory, and abandoned farming grounds, exploiting those obtained successful know-how.


Soil Contaminated Land Purchasing Business

By purchasing lands in the presence of soil and groundwater pollution, we are planning to cut off the various risk burdens owned by the originator at the time of trading, consult with a purification consulting firm with state-of-the-art technology and conduct construction work as appropriate measures during the project period within the scheme and sell it to the exit user. In addition, by eliminating the cost overrun risk by making full use of insurance etc., and by preceding the execution of sales contract with a final customer, we are definitely aiming to provide a mechanism to be able for him or her to obtain appropriate return on investment while minimizing investment risk.

Investment Case serving investment projects with unsuitable scale for SPC scheme

With conventional fluidized schemes (GK-TK, TMK), we were unable to bear initial cost such as scheme building-up cost and trust fee, unless we had a certain scale of business. However, in the specified real estate corporative business, it is possible to dramatically reduce initial costs and to expand the base of affordable projects. Furthermore, it is also possible to cope with speedy property settlement that was unavailable in a conventional fluidized scheme.

Increasing Value for targeted unavailable individual investors

Focused on highly-fluidized profitable properties with an exit price of about 300 to 500 million yen and paying attentions to value increasing potentiality, we are clearly aiming to acquire properties for individual end investors as exit targets.

Medium-sized real estate company settlement solutions and base function of cooperation among real estate companies

As a solution for the settlement of the mid-sized real estate company, provisional holder function of selling real estate can also be provided. If it is a flow of [purchase at a price lower than the end price ⇒ redemption after a certain period of time ⇒ end sales], the safety in business is also going to further improve. Moreover, it also forms a useful base function when multiple real estate companies promote selected projects cooperatively.

  • These projects indicated above are just the examples utilizing the Real Estate Specific Collaborative Business Law License; we are fully preparing to execute new Specified Real Estate Cooperative Business in response to any changes in the needs of investors and the market environment in the future.

Privacy Policy

Regarding Protection of Personal Information

At A.P. Capital Group (hereinafter "this Group") we establish and publicize our Personal Information privacy policy here and take thorough efforts to ensure that our staff and all members of our group recognize the importance of protecting Personal Information in order to promote the protection of Personal Information.

Management of Personal Information

In order to maintain Personal Information in an accurate and updated state and prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of Personal Information, this Group takes necessary measures such as maintaining a security system, creating a management system and thoroughly training employees in it, and conducts strict management of Personal Information implementing safety measures.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

This Group uses Personal Information received from customers to contact them, provide them information on our business, respond to questions, etc.

Prohibition of Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

This Group appropriately manages Personal Information it receives and will not disclose Personal Information to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. ・When the customer has agreed to the disclosure
  2. ・When disclosing to a third party who will be entrusted with the duties of this Group in order to provide services which the customer desires
  3. ・When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with laws and ordinances.
  4. ・When demanded to disclose by courts, police, or other public agencies in accordance with laws and ordinances
  5. ・When there are special legal provisions
  6. ・When there is the risk of life, bodily injury, or damage to assets or good name of the customer or a third party and it is impossible to obtain the consent of the person in question
  7. ・When it is necessary to safeguard or defend this Group's rights, assets, or services from actions which violate laws or this Group's user agreement or warnings and it is impossible to obtain the consent of the person in question

Personal Information Safety Measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information, this Group takes all possible security measures.

Inquiries from the Customer in Question

If the customer in question wishes to inquire, revise, or delete Personal Information, etc., we will respond to such requests upon confirming the identity of the person in question.

Compliance with Laws and Standards and Revision

This Group complies with Japanese laws and other standards with regards to the Personal Information we retain, and we also review and work to improve the contents of this policy as appropriate.

Publication and Revision

We will always display the dates of first publishing according to the Western calendar, the dates of announcement, and the dates of revision in an easy-to-understand format.


For inquiries regarding this Group's handling of Personal Information, please contact us as indicated below.
Contact Point for Inquiries

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd. Compliance Office

Address 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō 100-0005 Yuusen Building 3F
Telephone +81(0)3-6257-3022(Reception hours: Weekdays 10:00~17:00)

This company is covered by the Japan Investment Advisers Association as an organization authorized to protect PI(Personal Information). This association takes complaints and consultations regarding the handling of PI by covered organizations.

Japan Investment Advisers Association Complaints Department (PI staff)

Address 1-5-8 Nihonbashikayabachō, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō 103-0025 Tokyo Shoken Building 7F
Telephone +81(0)3-3663-0505(Reception hours:Monday~Friday(Excluding national holidays)9:00-17:00)

Solicitation Policy for the Sale of Financial Products, Etc.

Our company's Basic Stance Regarding Solicitation to Customers

We endeavor to conduct appropriate solicitation and provide explanations with a comprehensive understanding of our customers' knowledge, investment experience, current assets, and investment purpose (purpose of executing agreements for the sale of the financial products in question).

Methods and Hours of Solicitation to Customers

Our company endeavors to take sufficient care regarding times, places, and methods of solicitation to customers to avoid inconveniencing them.
We endeavor to solicit to customers at times and places and with methods that are convenient to our customers.

Ensuring Reasonable Solicitation

We endeavor to provide accurate information to avoid causing misunderstanding on the part of the customer.
We work to ensure that customers correctly understand the important points of the "Law Regarding the Sale of Financial Products, Etc.".
In order for the customer to make investment decisions that are appropriate for them, we endeavor to provide sufficient and accurate explanations regarding the product details, risks, etc.
When soliciting and providing information, we always consider the benefit of the customer and comply with all related laws and regulations.
In order to conduct reasonable solicitation, we take serious measures toward creating in-house systems as well as education and training.

Display of Advertisements, etc. in Accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

The products this company deals in or the services this company provides are extensive and diverse, and regarding related fees, remuneration, and various expenses (hereinafter referred to as "fees, etc.") we must individually determine the necessary types, amounts, etc. of fees, etc. after taking into consideration various circumstances such as the class of product or service provided by the company and the contract period, and therefore we are unable to display the amounts or calculation methods of these fees, etc. in advance. Regarding fees, etc. for individual products or services by this company, please check with the responsible staff at the company.

Financial products handled by this company such as "real estate trust beneficiary rights" and "silent investment interests" are subject to loss of assets due to fluctuations in real estate prices, rent, etc. as well as fluctuations in interest rates, etc. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of principal or profits. The risk of the value of marketable securities invested in cutting into the investment principal is borne by the customer. Regarding the risks associated with individual products, please examine and confirm the contract details which this company will send you in writing in advance.

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Financial Instruments Business
Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 2785
Type 2 Financial Instruments Business, investment advice, agency
Member of the Japan Investment Advisers Association
Member of the Type 2 Financial Instruments Firms Association,

Cutoff date for the professional investors system

Regarding the "cutoff date" for the professional investors system under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, this Company makes the following proclamation in accordance with the provisions of Article 34-3 Clause 2 and Article 34-4 Clause 6 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

According to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, customers are classified as "professional investors" and "general investors", but there are cases where a customer can transition from a "professional investor" to a "general investor" or from a "general investor" to a "professional investor" via an application by the customer through designated procedures.
The "cutoff date" for transitioning from a general investor to a professional investor is as follows.

Cutoff date: The first August 31th which comes after the transition

Once the "cutoff date" has passed, customers who have transitioned from general investor to professional investor will return to the classification of general investor. If the customer wishes to continue the transition of investor classification, the customer is asked to please complete the renewal procedures before the cutoff date.

Measures for Processing Complains and Resolving Disputes

this Company's Measures for Processing Complaints

For complaints, etc. regarding this Company's business, please inquire with the following contact point.

Compliance office

Phone number:03-6257-3022(Reception hours: Weekdays 10:00~17:00)

Measures for Processing Complains and Resolving Disputes Relating to the Financial Instruments Business

In addition to resolving complaints through the aforementioned in-house contact point, we also work to process complaints and resolve disputes through the organizations listed below. To utilize these organizations, please contact them as shown below

Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center

2-1-13 Nihonbashikayabachō, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō 103-0025
0120-64-5005(toll‐free call)
Reception hours:Monday~Friday 9:00-17:00
(Excluding national holidays including compensatory holidays as well as December 31 through January 3)

Basic Policy for Responding to Anti-social Forces

Basic Policy for Responding to Anti-social Forces

This company has established a basic policy to prevent relationships with anti-social forces as follows, and will endeavor to ensure the adequacy and safety of our business.

  • This company interacts with anti-social forces as organizations.
  • This company will respond to anti-social forces in cooperation with specialized external organizations such as the police, anti-crime syndicate centers, and lawyers.
  • This company will refuse any and all relationships which include dealings with anti-social forces.
  • When anti-social forces make unlawful demands, etc., we will respond legally from both the civil and criminal sides.
  • There are absolutely no secret dealings with or funding from anti-social forces.



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TEL :03-6257-3022
FAX :03-6206-3232